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Video drawing: sketch of a nude in real time

Video drawing: sketch of a nude in real time

Between theory and practice, it's hard to find the right balance to draw a nude on a sheet of paper. Ladislaja, a drawing student, offers you a few methods to improve your nude technique.

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Nude drawing: the theory

In theory, you have to focus mainly on proportions when you want to draw a naked body. Then, it is necessary to dwell on the vertical lines, before worrying about the horizontal lines and the position of the body. To know the proportions of a body, you must first measure the head, then subdivide the rest of the body by seven, which gives a division into eight small sections for the vertical, and two sections for the horizontal, for example, for a woman's body.

Nude drawing: practice

But when you want to draw a nude in real time, it is not always easy to apply it. Indeed, all bodies are different. Ladislaja shows you how she goes about drawing a body in front of her. Ideally, you should draw quickly, throwing rough lines, before completing your drawing. Start at the bottom, and then gradually work your way up to the upper body. No measurement of the proportions in practice, it is necessary to determine the right angle thanks to the look. Do not hesitate to turn the page of your sketchbook if you are not satisfied with the first result. With a little training and advice from Ladislaja, you will soon master the nude technique. It remains only to find the model! Watch the Drawing: sketch of a nude video in real time on Produced by Minute Facile.