3 recuperated ideas for improvising a coffee table

3 recuperated ideas for improvising a coffee table

Notice to small budgets and inveterate DIYers. The fishing for ideas to improvise a coffee table, chic and inexpensive is launched! Here is our top 3:

With two handling pallets

Handling pallets are popular. Thanks to their rectangular format and their raw wood style, they have conquered the entire decosphere. Since then, their primary function, intended to store merchandise, has been diverted to whatever we want, coffee table included! To do this, nothing could be easier than strapping two pallets together. Some will leave the whole as is, others will choose to repaint it or overcome it with a glass tray.

With a decorative trunk

Diverted into coffee tables, large travel trunks discover a new utility and a second decorative function. A bargain hunt over a flea market, they also have the advantage of having a safe where to easily house everything that usually hangs around the sofa: magazines, dishes for drinks, cushions, books, DVD ... super discreet and really practical storage, which also sows a subtle style of explorer / globetrotter in the decor.

With a midrange and wheels

An old plank of wood or medium lying around? Sand it to give it a smooth and new appearance, paint it if necessary, and finally, attach, on the 4 ends of one of its sides, large rollers. You are now equipped with a new coffee table that is easy to move as you wish! Like what, with little, you can always get original, practical and stylish furniture.