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DIY: how to make a dressing table yourself?

DIY: how to make a dressing table yourself?

Do you want a space dedicated to femininity and beauty in your bedroom but you cannot afford a dressing table? No problem, we play it DIY (do it yourself) by improvising a dressing table yourself with accessories at low prices or furniture that we already have. Manual.

A dressing table with a shelf

You only have a few euros to spend on your hairdresser because you prefer to invest in makeup? We then go to the essentials by creating a dressing table using a shelf with invisible fixing. You will find models that will cost you only ten euros. You will fix the shelf either at low height and you will add a stool or you will prefer a height that will allow you to stay upright. Then, all you have to do is fix a mirror above the shelf. If you don't already have one, you'll find mirrors for less than 50 euros.

A dressing table on a dresser

Why not make a storage unit a dressing table space? Use a chest of drawers that you already own or buy yourself a low-cost model (from 50 euros) to benefit from a work plan with additional drawers. You will then simply place a mirror to complete your furniture.

A dressing table with an old desk

Again, feel free to use furniture that you already own. If you have an office that is no longer needed, transform it into a dressing table. It can also be used as an office from time to time. Accessorize it with your beauty products and complete with a mirror.