What if the teenage bedroom is playing mini disco?

What if the teenage bedroom is playing mini disco?

The month of June is the sun, the summer but also the music festival. An event that could well inspire decoration… and teenagers! Dreaming of wiggling in the first "evenings", of becoming a DJ or of listening in loop to the trendiest music, the latter can give the air of a mini disco in their room! A perfect project for long vacations… In any case, we give you ideas to give disco air to the teenage bedroom.

Rhinestones and sequins

First of all, we set the scene by taking inspiration from the bling bling of nightclubs. On the program: rhinestones and glitter! Hang a decorative mirror ball in the middle of the ceiling. And we add two or three cushions dressed in sequins, a door curtain overflowing with flashy pastilles, a lamp with golden or silver reflections…

Party lighting

Inspired by night clubs, the lighting becomes festive and high-tech. In addition to the mirror ball, we can clearly see a neon sign above the door, a light strip under the wall shelves or an object fitted with LEDs to create this "night club" atmosphere. We had a crush on the Väntad LED carpet from Ikéa, which offers a star floor for aspiring dancers! Another decorative idea? Fluorescent effects, to be created using a special paint. Before, we determine what will be drawn: an XXL number, one or more capital letters (D.J. for example) or a stripe crossing a whole section of wall.

Musical accessories

Any music fan has to have a few dedicated accessories. Whether it's headphones or a stereo, CD or mixer, instrument or vinyl, what you need to do is stage them ! On the walls, in a display cabinet, on shelves or on the desk, the important thing is that they stand out and participate fully in the decor.