How to re-enamel a bathtub?

How to re-enamel a bathtub?

Question from Laurette:


Answer: prepare the substrate, repair, paint and apply a resin

Hello Laurette, re-enamelling a bathtub is a fairly technical and meticulous process which is not necessarily effective over a long period and which depends on the wear of the bathtub… First of all, you will have to fill the cracks, prepare the support by stripping with an abrasive paper (grain 120) then you will rinse and dry the surface. After having frosted the bathtub, you can carry out an anti-rust treatment. If your bathtub has deep knocks in the enamel, you will fill them with an Epoxy paste and then with a polyester putty. Once all the support has been "repaired", you will rinse and proceed with painting, taking care to protect the taps, the joints of the bathtub and the wall tiles. The last step will be painting the bathtub (resin). You will need to prepare the resin by mixing the different products provided in the kit to buy in DIY stores. Protect your hands and nose perfectly during roller application as the resin can be irritating. Finally, after the paint has dried, you will make the silicone seals again to ensure its waterproofness! You too, send us your DIY question Our practical DIY videos