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Mistakes to Avoid in Baby's Room

Mistakes to Avoid in Baby's Room

The arrival of baby is a great moment in your life. In addition to the happiness that overwhelms you, you must review your organization and think about equipping yourself. Between the room to install, the equipment to transport it and its food, it is important to think about securing your new environment.

Error to avoid: do not hide electrical outlets

Babies' inquisitive fingers touch everything they find. Toys, stuffed animals, furniture ... arouse their curiosity. But when their interest turns to electrical outlets it's another story! Inevitably they will be attracted by these small black holes which will invite them to introduce their chubby fingers. So if your installation is not up to electrical standards, this is still the case for a good number of dwellings, it is essential to cover the sockets with socket covers which will protect your child from electric shock.

Mistake to avoid: do not vacuum regularly

Always so curious and reckless, your toddler touches everything that comes to hand. Besides the fact that he discovers with his fingers, he also puts the different objects in the mouth. This is why regularly vacuuming allows to make disappear its tiny objects which stoke their thirst for discovery.

Mistake to avoid: not protecting your bed with a bumper

The children's beds are often made up of bars. And at bedtime you put him comfortably in his bed and a few hours later, when you go to look for him, he moved and even turned around! To prevent an arm or leg from getting caught, protect the edges of the bed with a bumper. Likewise, you will avoid him also banging his head because, very often to find the reassuring sensation of his mother's belly, he tends to stick against the walls of the bed and snuggle there.

Mistake to avoid: do not put baby to sleep in a sleeping bag

From birth, early childhood professionals advise putting your child to sleep in a sleeping bag. Like a down, it allows your dear little blond head to be covered and to be always warm throughout its sleep. Adapting to the movements and the seasons, prefer it in light cotton in summer or fleece in winter. Of different sizes, it will be the ideal partner for baby nights up to 2 years.

Mistake to avoid: not creating an environment away from parents

At any age, your child needs a space of his own to flourish and rest. And even when the space runs out, provide him with a space, even a small one, so that he can rest without being disturbed. Often composed of a bed and a changing table, do not hesitate to partially partition this place with a curtain, a removable partition or a canopy. This will prevent him from seeing you when he wakes up and not sleeping again. At the sight of his parents or his brothers and sisters, he will think only of one thing, getting out of bed! Our practical children's bedroom videos